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Managed Cloud Operations

CMC Global offers Managed Cloud Operations, a comprehensive suite of services that cater to the partial or complete management of a client’s cloud environment.

This encompassing solution includes a wide range of capabilities, such as migration, configuration, optimization, security, and ongoing maintenance.

Managed Cloud Operations Benefits 

Managed cloud services help businesses improve their efficiency, security, and compliance while reducing costs.
Managed cloud services have several benefits. Here are some of them:


Better system availability

Make your products & services available to customers at any time from anywhere using any device


Customization of the solution

Render great flexibility regarding operating on multiple clouds such as public, private or hybrid cloud


Improved deployment of solutions

Speed up time to deploy the solutions and time-to-market of applications


Increased reliability

 Offer enhanced reliability features to avoid downtime


Scalability and flexibility

Quickly scale up and down to meet changes in
customers demand



Save money on IT infrastructure costs with
pay-as-you-go models


Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)

 Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) features
offer businesses recover from disasters more quickly

Success Stories

Moving from idea to execution. 

Browse through our success in different industries.

Cloud Transformation Framework

The Cloud transformation framework aims to understand your cloud requirements and offered 

a customized cloud solution that is appropriate for your organization.

1. Assessment

CMC Global will work with you to assess your business goals needs, identify technical feasibility and IT choices.

2. Discovery and Analysis​

Inventory all applications & workloads including servers, applications, data, information flows including user locations, interdependency and levels of stability

3. Architecture​

In this phase, we build customized cloud architecture while defining the project scope & preliminary sizing for a POC

4. Planning

At this stage, we review projects details and decide on the best way to accommodate customers’ needs throughout the transition

5. Provisioning

Time to build cloud-based customer servers, storage, disaster recovery & high availability. We have dedicated staff to deploy and maintain
 information management solutions.

6. Testing

Using automated and semi-automatic tools to prove that apps function as expected. Measurements (performance efficiency, resource usage, flexibility, fault tolerance, etc) are also considered.

Explore Our Cloud Enablement Services ​

The Cloud transformation framework aims to understand your cloud requirements and offered 

a customized cloud solution that is appropriate for your organization.

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Managed Cloud Operations

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