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Our client was looking for a web portal and dashboards to help with daily tasks, enable efficient communication and collaboration, and manage organizational and team information.


Decrease in Development Effort


Increase in


Cost Savings through Cloud Deployment

About the Client

Our client is a leading logistics company based in Singapore, operating in the transportation and supply chain industry.


Developing a cloud-based microservices architecture on AWS to enable real-time tracking and collaboration in logistics. MSK, Java, NodeJS/Express, and DocumentDB were used to ensure robust data management and communication.


Industry: Logistics
Technology: AWS EKS, Java, NodeJS/Express, AWS MSK, S3
Service Domain: Cloud App Development

Background and Challenge Story

In a fast-paced business, our logistics customer experienced serious problems with their transportation tracking and collaboration system. The previous systems were outdated, with no real-time capability or efficient communication channels. As a result, there were delays, misunderstandings, and decreased overall operational efficiency. To address these obstacles, our client required a modern solution enabling real-time tracking, improving team and organizational cooperation, and offering a user-friendly web portal for daily tasks. They also needed a scalable microservices architecture to meet their increasing demands and facilitate seamless cloud deployment, specifically on AWS.

CMC’s Approach

We implemented a solution strategy to address the logistical issues centered on delivering a powerful, real-time tracking and communication system. This approach enabled us to have a scalable transportation tracking and collaboration system, providing real-time monitoring, streamlined task management, and improved operational efficiency. Using our cloud application development and maintenance expertise, our team was responsible for designing, creating, and supporting the system.

Focusing on delivering a scalable and reliable solution, we used Java, NodeJS/Express, AWS infrastructure, and DocumentDB for efficient data management. We also used AWS MSK to enable event listening from tracking devices, ensuring real-time updates and precise shipment information. Our client’s logistics operations were to be transformed by offering a modern, real-time tracking and collaboration solution that would streamline procedures, improve communication, and enable effective task management. We sought to provide our customers with the tools they needed to overcome logistical obstacles and achieve operational excellence through our comprehensive solution.

Solution Story

We began by conducting a thorough analysis of the client’s requirements, understanding their need for real-time tracking, collaboration, and document management. Using a microservices architecture, we created a scalable and modular solution that could adapt to their changing needs. We built a strong solution using a technology stack that comprised Java, NodeJS/Express, AWS infrastructure, DocumentDB, and AWS MSK. We integrated AWS MSK to listen to events from tracking devices, ensuring real-time updates and enhanced tracking capabilities.

The system provided a user-friendly web portal that allowed end-users to easily access and perform daily tasks. Shipment routing and tracking, task dashboards, progress tracking, team management, and seamless communication were all incorporated. We used an agile strategy throughout development, allowing flexibility and iterative changes.

Strict testing and quality assurance measures were implemented to ensure reliability, performance, and security. The solution underwent extensive testing to validate its functionality and guarantee a seamless user experience. The deployed solution met the client’s needs by providing real-time tracking, effective task management, and increased communication. The scalability and adaptability of the system enabled future enhancements and the capacity to respond to changing company needs. Our client received exceptional customer satisfaction, and the project was completed on schedule and with minimal effort.


The transportation tracking and collaboration solution has generated success for the whole system with streamlines operations, collaboration enhancement, customer service improvement while being scalable and adaptive.

Effort optimization: Development effort is reduced by 20%.
High customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction scores are consistently above 90%.
Enhanced efficiency: Operational efficiency is improved by 30%.
Scalability: The system was built on AWS using a scalable microservices design, which can handle growing user load and data volume.
Cost-effectiveness: Cloud implementation results in a 15% cost savings.