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SOC (Security Operation Center) is CMC network security center that monitors, detects, handles incidents and is responsible for security safety of the entire organization’s information system with 24/7 operation.


Security Monitoring Service

With the integration of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other advanced security solutions, CMC SOC will ensure customer’s network system and applications will be monitored and supervised 24/7. Any bugs and dangers can be detected and fixed immediately.

Incident Response

Our team works collaboratively with organizations to handle critical security incidents and conduct forensic analysis to resolve immediate cyberattacks and implement a long-term solution to stop recurrences.

Threat Hunting

Our threat hunter are experienced security analysts, using their knowledge of defensive and offensive security techniques to seek out malicious threat actors. They use a combination of tools to spot the anomaly or suspicious behaviour that’s occurring in your network.


365 Operation and Responsive Support

24/7/365 Operation and Responsive Support

Our team is always ready to respond to incidents 24/7/365, make sure your system is continuously monitored and protected.

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In-depth Incident Analysis

In-depth analysis report of incidents by SOC investigation team helps your business understand the root causes, as well as the consequences in detail, which prevent the incidents from occurring again in the future.

System Security Advice

System Security Advice

After troubleshooting the security incidents, our team can give advice and recommendation on upgrading and patching solutions for your system vulnerabilities.

National Standardized Processes

National Standardized Processes

Our processes of incident response are developed according to the national standard TCVN 11239: 2015 ISO / IEC 27035: 2011

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