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CMC C-ID Reader is an application that reads and verifies chip-embedded ID cards, running on Android and iOS. The software can read the chip and retrieve the details embedded on the ID card for immediate use.


Read and retrieve information on a chip-embedded ID card

C-ID Reader is a standalone software product that helps organize helps organize an enhanced ID verification process. It fully automates reading and verification of personal data in chip-embedded ID cards

Data automation

C-ID Reader automate manual data entry by scanning an ID and quickly populating the fields of an electronic form

ID authenticity check

Read and verify the integrity and authenticity of chip-embedd with an extra check to make sure that the information in the physical document is trustworthy and that the chip is not manipulated or cloned.

Run on both PC and mobile devices

C-ID Reader provides flexibility when it can run on both PC and mobile devices. User can use both mobile or web camera to scan and verify their ID card


Speed up verification process

Speed up verification process

Speed up the guest’s data entry & increase the efficiency of the front desk personnel

Reduce human errors

Reduce human errors

Reduce the possibility of of human errors by eliminating typos and keystroke mistakes.

Create great customer experience

Create great customer experience

Promote positive customer experience by delivering the best service and the fastest verification process

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