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CMC CA – a form of electronic signature that uses an asymmetric cryptography system (public key cryptography – PKI), encrypting enterprise data to replace signatures on documents.


Digital Signing Using USB Token

The key pair and digital certificate are stored on the USB Token device. When users sign, they need to plug the USB token into the computer.

Remote Signing

The client’s key pair and digital certificate are stored on the HSM hardware device. User needs to register an account on the system. Log-in for issuing seals requires password and two-step authetication.


Provide Convenience

Provide Convenience

Your partners can sign the documents from anywhere at anytime. You do not have to send the contract from place to place

Create Non-repudiable, Legally Binding Documents

Create Non-repudiable, Legally Binding Documents

Once signed, you can be confident that the document has a long-term, legally enforceable signature and a trusted timestamp

Save Money and Reduce Environmental Impact

Save Money and Reduce Environmental Impact

By using C-CA solution, businesses can minimise costs (including printing, scanning and delivery charges) and reduce their environmental impact without compromising on security


National Standardized Processes

Certified Data Center

C-CA system is placed in one of the best Data center in Vietnam – CMC Telecom data center. This data center is certified as Tier III and is the only data center in Vietnam to have the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

365 Operation and Responsive Support

Guaranteed 24/7 operation

The main system and the backup are separate. In the event of a failure at the main system, the backup system will be activated, helping the entire C-CA digital authentication system to be guaranteed 24/7.

Enhanced security for banking transactions

High Security

C-CA meets the information security standards: FIPS PUB 140 – 2 Level 3 for cryptographic module, PKCS cryptographic standard.

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