eKYC Solution In Banking System

CMC Global coordinated with one of the biggest China-based corporations to implement eKYC solutions for their banking system in two different countries.



The KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance norms and Anti-Money Laundering have become an urgent necessity for financial institutions after the crisis of 2008. Yet, with the average cost of annual compliance training ranging around $45/hour per staff member and 5 hours of training needed, the trend of eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) is on the rise. In this project, our client is one of the giant international corporations based in China.


Based on their requirements, our team developed a suitable eKYC solution for the client. Here, the digital process value chain ensured stable and reliable rollout, thereby improving content management and processing time by implementing machine learning, semantic Web technology tools, and natural language processing-based cognitive search. Meanwhile, the procedures still maintain high regulatory adherence.  We use MicroExpression with framework Agile and Scrum to deliver the best quality of services for this project.


  • Improved data management with a stable and reliable rollout.
  • High regulatory adherence.
  • High customer satisfaction scores.