60% Reduction in Cost of Ownership with 500 VMs and Enterprise Services Migration to AWS Cloud

Our client was looking for a web portal and dashboards to help with daily tasks, enable efficient communication and collaboration, and manage organizational and team information.


VMs & Services Migrated to AWS Cloud


Reduction in 
Cost of Ownership


Reduction in 
Operational Costs

About the Client

A leading Japanese entertainment and e-commerce company.


The solution involved migrating the entire operating system, including servers, databases, front-end, and back-end components, to the AWS environment.


Industry: Entertainment, E-Commerce
Technology: AWS EC2, Lambda, Aurora/PostgreSQL, DocumentDB, SES, SNS, Terraform, Ansible, AWS Serverless, AWS CI/CD, Java, PHP, and VueJS
Service Domain: Migration and Modernization, Cloud

Background and Challenge Story

Our customer, a well-known entertainment and e-commerce company in Japan, faced the challenge of migrating their whole operating system to the AWS Cloud within a tight deadline of just six months. With approximately 500 virtual machines and services, the migration involved complex tasks that required extensive cloud expertise. The client also needed to develop new features to meet business demands, including online product release, SEO, and marketing.

CMC’s Approach and Solution

The solution approach for the migration project to AWS Cloud involved the following key steps:
1. Comprehensive Migration: The entire operating system, including servers, databases, front-end, and back-end components, was migrated to the AWS environment. This ensured that the previous system was seamlessly transitioned to the cloud.
2. Feature Development: New features were developed to meet business demands, such as online product releases, SEO, and marketing enhancements. This allowed our client to leverage the capabilities of AWS and enhance their online presence and customer experience.
3. Technology Stack: AWS EC2, Lambda, Aurora/PostgreSQL, DocumentDB, SES, SNS, Terraform, Ansible, AWS Serverless, Java, PHP, and VueJS were all used in the solution. This technology mix created a stable, scalable infrastructure to support client needs.

We successfully migrated their whole operating system to the AWS Cloud by adopting this solution approach, developing new functionality to satisfy business objectives, and leveraging a comprehensive technology stack to enable a seamless and efficient transition.

Solution Story

In order to solve these issues, our team worked together with our client to provide a comprehensive solution. The solution entailed transferring the complete system to the AWS environment, including servers, databases, front-end, and back-end components. This guaranteed a smooth and seamless transfer while protecting the previous system’s functionality and integrity.

In addition to the migration, we worked closely with the client to develop new features that met their specific business demands. These included online product release capabilities, enhanced search engine optimization (SEO), and improved marketing capabilities. By leveraging the power of AWS services and technologies such as AWS EC2, Lambda, Aurora/PostgreSQL, DocumentDB, SES, SNS, Terraform, Ansible, AWS Serverless, Java, PHP, and VueJS, we delivered a robust and scalable infrastructure to support these new features.

We kept a significant focus on efficiency and cost minimization throughout the project. As a result, the client’s total cost of ownership was reduced by 60% compared to their previous on-premises system. Additionally, operational expenditures were lowered by 20%, resulting in significant cost savings for the firm.

The smooth transfer to AWS Cloud and the development of new features established CMC Global as a reliable cloud consulting partner. The successful migration of 500 virtual machines and services and the cost and operational savings demonstrated the solution’s effectiveness and solidified our partnership with our client.


Our solution had a transformative impact on our client. The key outcomes include:
Time and Cost Efficiency: We migrated 500 virtual machines and services to AWS within a tight 6-month timeframe. This reduced the cost of ownership by 60% and operational costs by 20%, allowing for more efficient resource allocation.
Scalability and Flexibility: AWS Cloud provided a highly scalable infrastructure, enabling our client to handle rising user needs and expand their entertainment/e-commerce services effectively.
Enhanced Business Capabilities: New features like online product releases, SEO enhancements, and increased marketing capabilities were developed, empowering our clients to deliver a superior customer experience and stay ahead in the industry.
Trust and Partnership: The successful migration positioned CMC Global as a trusted consulting partner on cloud operations, opening doors for future collaborations and opportunities.

Our solution enabled our client to achieve time and cost efficiency, enhance business capabilities, and establish a trusted partnership, driving their success in the entertainment and e-commerce industry.