50% Faster Data Processing through AWS Legacy Investment Management System Modernization

Our client, a global financial company, needed a cloud-native deployment on AWS to boost their data processing capabilities and redesign their UI/UX to create a better user experience and improve overall system efficiency.


Increase in User Satisfaction


Reduction in Time and Effort Needed for System Updates


Increase in
System Performance

About the Client

A global financial company that provides a wide range of banking and financial services to people and businesses worldwide.


We implemented a scalable containerized microservices architecture on AWS EKS. To handle unstructured data, we linked AWS DocumentDB & ElasticSearch, and to streamline workflows, we used jBPM & Drools. We use React to redesign the UI/UX, & Kafka for seamless integration with upstream systems.


Industry: Banking and Financial Service
Technology: AWS Serverless, S3, React, Microservices Architecture, EKS (K8S)
Service Domain: Cloud, Legacy Modernization and Migration

Background and Challenge Story

Before working with us, our customers had several issues with their current system. The outdated infrastructure could not keep up with the growing data volume, which resulted in poor performance and limited scalability. Unstructured data could not be handled by the traditional relational database architecture effectively, which slowed data analysis and decision-making processes.

The client also needed help adapting their system to changing business requirements. The existing architecture needed to be more flexible, making implementing changes and updates less complicated and time-consuming. As a result, businesses lost their competitive edge and hesitated to respond to market needs. In addition to these technical limitations, the client recognized the need to improve their user interface and user experience.

CMC’s Approach and Solution

Following clients’ need to upgrade their data management, modernize their user interface, and relocate to the cloud, CMC Global created a strategy to help them achieve these objectives. Our team of experts redesigned their infrastructure, optimized their data processing, and delivered a better user experience.

CMC Global worked closely with the client to design and implement a comprehensive solution that met their needs. The solution included a containerized microservices architecture, handling of unstructured data, optimized workflows and automated business rules, seamless integration with upstream systems, updated UI/UX design, and cloud-native deployment and infrastructure.

By following best practices in cloud architecture, security, and performance optimization, we delivered a robust and scalable solution that modernized the client’s infrastructure, optimized data processing, and enhanced the user experience. The combined approach enabled the client to overcome challenges, achieve remarkable outcomes, and position themselves for success in their industry.


Serverless architecture has opened new possibilities for innovation. The team is now able to adapt quickly to changing business needs, make data-driven decisions, and stay competitive in their industry.

An upgraded UI/UX design offering a more smooth and intuitive experience allows for a 30% improvement in user satisfaction, helping the client handle increasing data volumes and user traffic. The new UI/UX design is created using React, a modern JavaScript library that makes it simple to create interactive and responsive user interfaces, adapt to changing business requirements with ease, boost system performance by 50%, and guarantee a system uptime of 99.99%.