CMC Global’s Ambitious Strategy to Lead as Top Digital Transformation Service Provider

At the 2023 CMC Global Strategy Summit, the Board of Directors disclosed their strategy for fostering the company’s growth, aiming to position it as a …

At the 2023 CMC Global Strategy Summit, the Board of Directors disclosed their strategy for fostering the company’s growth, aiming to position it as a Leading Provider of Digital Transformation services. 

CMC Global views technology as the primary catalyst for its medium and long-term growth, with a particular emphasis on digital transformation as a crucial pillar. This represents one of the three key areas that the company aims to prioritize in its developmental efforts until 2025. 

The 2023 -2025 strategy announcement includes a range of investments that CMC Global is making to help companies develop new strategies, operating models, business cases and digital core architecture they will need to capitalize on digital transformation. 

“The company will remain committed to its customer-centric approach.” said Mr. Dang Ngoc Bao, CMC Global CEO. To achieve this goal, CMC Global is dedicated to consistently innovating and being creative in its business operations, with the ongoing objective of expanding its customer base to include businesses of all sizes. The primary objective is to promote sustainable growth in both financial earnings and workforce. 

Regarding strategic market development, CMC Global is focused on increasing investments in crucial markets such as Japan, Korea, America, Singapore, and Thailand, capitalizing on regional economic growth, and aligning its services with the specific demands and trends in each of these key markets.  

Throughout the 2024-2025 period, the company plans to establish additional offices in key technological hubs in Korea and the US, strengthening its presence and increasing investments in these areas. 

The combination of technological innovation, economic potential, and strategic positioning makes these countries crucial pillars for CMC Global’s investment strategy. 

Concerning internal capacity, CMC Global sets out a plan to build a team of technology experts and high-level consultants, serving as the core to enable the company to become a leading force in consulting and implementing Digital Transformation solutions throughout Asia.  Through a technology transfer agreement with the ATI Institute, CMC Global commits to integrating globally certified AI solutions as a prominent service strength in the forthcoming period.   

Given the anticipated recovery in global IT spending, CMC Global will maintain its focus on enhancing technological capabilities in Cloud solutions, BPA, IoT, and Big Data. This effort includes a range of services, including surveying, consulting, design, implementation, testing, and operation, serving industry groups such as Finance and Banking, Retail, Manufacturing. 

Additionally, during this conference, the board of directors at CMC Global emphasized the company’s commitment to enhancing consulting capabilities and engaging in new technology development activities. This focus aims to further advance digital transformation solution packages for clients in key markets such as Asia Pacific, Asia, Europe, and America. 

In particular, CMC Global aims to build more Global Delivery Centers (GDCs) to fully address the project implementation requirements of a group of high-value clients. The aim over the next two years is for CMC Global to have the capacity to accommodate up to 5,000 production personnel monthly, positioning itself as a strategic partner for clients with substantial sales scale. 

The period 2023 – 2025 is predicted to continue to be a challenging period for technology businesses in general and CMC Global in particular. However, this creates unprecedented opportunities for companies who dare to overcome limits to break through and turn defeat into victory.

With the determination within the organization, CMC Global promises to have an impressive “transformation” and create strong marks on the journey to conquer the global technology map.