Hire Offshore Developers In Asia: 7 Benefits And Top Countries

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Offshore development is undeniably beneficial, and hiring offshore developers enables companies around the world, from start-ups to large enterprises, to cut costs while still achieving their desired results. While rates for offshore developers vary from country to country, you can save from 40% up to 70% of what you would have to pay for local developers. 

Asia is one of the leading destinations for US and Europe-based companies to hire offshore developers thanks to its competitive pricing and skilled IT workers. In this article, we’ll share with you how you can get access to the best offshore developers in Asia. 

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Offshore Developers in Asia

Hire offshore developers in Asia

1. Asia Provides a Large Pool of Qualified Offshore Developers

Asia has a much larger number of developers than Europe and America. For instance, in Vietnam, there are currently more than 400,000 developers, and India has more than 900,000.  This sheer number of IT workers available for recruitment gives Asia a huge advantage in the IT offshore development market because this is a very labor-intensive industry. 

Hiring offshore developers from Asia also gives you a productivity benefit, because Asia’s population is younger than that of Europe and America. Young people are better at enduring long working hours, which are often necessary to fulfill laborious IT projects, than older people.  

2. The Cost of Hiring Offshore Developers in Asia is Lower

Most of Asia still consists of developing nations. The levels of salaries in Asian countries are mostly lower than those in their Western counterparts. Lower salaries enable Asian vendors to give you a better price for developers. In Asia, you can get a rate that is up to 20-30% lower than what’s offered by Western offshore development destinations for the same level of qualification.

3. The Quality of Offshore Developers in Asia is High

There is a common misassociation that Asia can bid lower prices because its developers produce lower-quality output, but the truth is that Asia’s lower price is directly connected with its lower standards of living, not with lower quality of output. Asian nations, such as India and Vietnam, regularly have made a list next to the top countries with the best offshore developers in the world. 

high quality offshore developers in Asia

4. You Can Have Round-the-clock Productivity with Asian Developers

The time-zone difference between Asia and Western clients makes it possible for developers from both sides to create a round-the-clock workflow. When you’re resting, Asian programmers are in their business hours executing your project. When they are resting, you get back to work and keep on the workflow. Productivity maximized!

5. There’s a Wide Variety of Skills among Developers in Asia Offers

By hiring offshore programmers in Asia, you can get access to whatever technical skill you may need. Asian technology institutions always stay up-to-date with the newest tech stacks for their education, and Asian developers always stay updated with the newest technologies to deliver faster and better output.

6. Communication with Asian Developers is No Longer a Barrier

Communication with developers used to be a barrier for English-speaking clients, but it’s not anymore. Asian offshore development providers understood that they needed to eliminate this communication barrier if they were going to attract outsourcing clients from the lucrative Western market, so they have made English fluency a must-have in their job requirements. Asian developers stand this reality, too, so they learn the English language at school to be able to get into the well-paying IT industry. 

7. Asian Developers Are Committed and Hard-working

Asians are known for working hard and staying committed, which means you will be less likely to be troubled by missed deadlines or delayed projects. These qualities don’t just exist for no reason but due to the Asian culture. In Asia, family members have a close relationship with one another, and many people work to provide for not just themselves but their whole families. This is commonly what motivates Asian developers to work hard and stay committed to fulfilling their projects; only so they will have the money to take care of their families.

How Much do Offshore Developers Cost in Asia?

cost of offshore developers in Asia

Asia boasts a large talent pool of more than 10 million developers. Developer prices in Asia differ from country to country. Rates for offshore developers start at about $20 for an entry-level offshore developer and go to $35 for a senior offshore developer. However, offshore development rates in established Asian tech hubs, such as India and China, keep increasing and can reach $40-45 per hour. Nevertheless, offshore software development companies in Asia still charge less than their competitors in Europe.

China and India are the largest Asian tech hubs with a massive number of software engineers. Other countries in Asia, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia, are also growing stronger and offer similar software development services, often at a bit lower price.

Best Asian Countries to Hire Offshore Developers

Best Asian countries for hiring offshore developers


Vietnam has been rising on its many advantages to be a key player in the global IT outsourcing market in recent years. It currently has around 400,000 developers, and over 50,000 IT graduates coming out every year. Try some quick Google searches, and you will find that Vietnam has had its name on pretty much all lists of the best places to look for offshore developers in Asia.

Vietnam offers some of the best prices among Asian countries, and today many global tech giants, such as Samsung, Google, LG Electronics, are relying on Vietnam to supply them with high-quality developers. In an interview with Reuter, Neill Fraser, an IT engineer from Google, said after having visited local schools in Vietnam, Vietnam has the highest-performing computer science students I’ve ever encountered.

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While Vietnam is a rising star, India has been supplying offshore developers for organizations for decades. India is always in the top 5 countries that have the largest number of STEM graduates in the world with more than 3 million developers and around 120,000 more coming out every year.  With its massive number of IT workers, India is often the go-to destination for gigantic offshore development projects that require thousands of developers.


On the same level as India, China is another established offshore development hub that can supply sizable numbers of developers. When it comes to the ability to handle industrial-size production, no country has the population to overtake China and India. 

The quality of offshore developers from China is high thanks to the focus of its educational system, which is on Maths and Science. One downside of China is its level of salaries has been increasing considerably in recent years due to its increased standards of living, so the cost of offshore developers here can be relatively higher than in other Asian hubs.

The Philippines

Filipino developers have advantages that others don’t. The Filipino lifestyle has a nice blend of Western culture to it because of America’s past colonization. This cultural mix allows Filipino IT workers to be familiar with the work style of Western clients, and today the Philippines is now among the nations with the most English speakers. These qualities can facilitate the collaboration between Filipino developers and their Western clients. However, apart from its high frequency of climate disasters, political instability is an ongoing problem in this country that results in mass protests. 

How to Hire Offshore Developers in Asia?

Before you go on to hire developers from Asia, make sure you follow the checklist:

  • Define your Business Goals. First, identify the problem you need to solve with your initial MVP, as you will have to explain clearly this problem when hiring developers. Next, determine the primary objective of your product that needs to be fulfilled, break it down into smaller and measurable milestones, and set deadlines for those milestones.
  • Evaluate the Skills needed for the Project. First, identify the tech stack(s), expertise, and skills you are going to need for your project. Next, define which roles you need. For instance, do you need only developers, PMs, QAs, or business analysts as well?
  • Plan your Budget. Work out how much you can spend on hiring offshore developers. 

Having a budget in mind will allow vendors to advise the best options for your project.

  • Find Offshore Vendors. You can refer to the countries mentioned in this list and make a list of reliable vendors in those countries. 
  • Discuss your Project. The last step is discussing your project with the vendors on your list to pick out the most suitable vendor who can supply you with the right developers. 

Best Practices for Hiring Offshore Developers in Asia

Best practices for hiring offshore developers in Asia

Here are some tips that you can use to find the right offshore developers from Asia. 

  • Create a Detailed Job Description. Make sure that you’ve listed the skills you require and the roles you need for your project. 
  • Hire Developers with a Proven Track Record. Look up their ranking on websites such as Clutch and LinkedIn, and ask for records of their past projects and clients. If possible, contact their previous clients to find out if they would recommend this remote team or developer. 
  • Ask the Offshore Development Company about their Workflow. Ask them about how they interact with their clients and assign developers to projects, as well as what software development model they will use. It’s possible that what the development company is doing may not suit your needs, so you better know this before you hire an offshore development team and sign the contrahttps://cglobal-uat.cmcglobal.com.vn/software-development/top-7-software-development-models-explained/ct. Don’t forget about the non-disclosure agreement (NDA); you’re also free to request one to be signed even before the dev team starts getting to work.
  • Reject the Cheapest Quotes. Don’t focus on low, but cost-efficient rates, because with the cheap quotes, you may end up paying more later for fixing poorly written code. Don’t be afraid to ask for Stack Overflow or GitHub profiles of developers to check their code quality. Reliable vendors are very willing to provide these details.
  • Ask the Offshore Development Team about Their Requests. If the developers say that they can fulfill any requirement, that’s a red flag. It means that they have not thoroughly studied your requirements to see if they can fulfill them with their available resources, but are just trying to take your money. Different developers specialize in different areas of expertise, so none of them can do everything you ask for without any adjustments.
  • Use a Good Project management Tool. Project management tools make offshore development much more convenient. Exchanging lengthy emails is an outdated project management method. Use modern project management tools such as Slack, Jira, Trello, etc. instead, and you will be able to oversee the tasks and progress of your teams, as well as easily leave comments and get to the point.
  • Be Proactive. Working with offshore developers, you will need to be proactive, because there can be cultural differences that can hinder your project if you don’t notice them. For example, in the Asian work culture, employees are less willing to be assertive and direct toward their boss, and they don’t often say what they think. You need to be aware of such a difference to align your offshore developers with your internal team for smooth collaboration. 
  • Insist on Frequent Deployment. Ask your offshore developers to display you the demo of the MVP at the end of each sprint, say, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, so you can keep track of the progress and the quality that the developers are delivering.

Final Words

Asia has been becoming increasingly competitive in the IT offshore development market, and hiring developers here will bring you a lot of benefits that you won’t get to enjoy elsewhere. I hope this article has provided you with useful information on how to hire offshore developers in Asia. If you’re looking to hire developers from Vietnam and not sure how to get started, fill out the box below and our Sales team will be in touch shortly to advise! 

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