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Digital Transformation

RPA failures: Top 8 causes and how to avoid them

The whole fancy pictures and RPA best practices on the Internet may make you think it’s something like a slam dunk: bam, you got everything covered and save a lot of money for the system, personnel, maintenance, and so on. But in fact, there are several ways that cause RPA failures.

Digital Transformation

The 8 crucial RPA developer skills to ensure success

As robotic process automation, commonly known as RPA has been all the rage these recent years, many enterprises are making their bold moves toward this trend. Now, RPA developer skills are among the most valuable ones to have on any resume, as RPA enables software in the form of management tools and bots to handle repetitive and high-volume tasks for human workers. And to do so, RPA developer skills need to be more than just coding. They have to understand the business side to judge both technical and business automation.

Data, Analytics & AI

Automation technologies and data analytics – combination of the future

Today, RPA, or Automation technologies, are widely recognized by global enterprises as a cost-effective and non-invasive way to utilize business. With RPA’s core benefits lies in valuable insights generated throughout the whole business process, Robotic process automation is applied in analytic tasks of several industries, namely assembling data, analyzing business processes, and improving them. Based on what they discover, businesses can find new domains or utilize time-consuming tasks to focus on their core competencies.

Digital Transformation

13 Best RPA Technology Solution Providers

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in employee reduction and automation software for redundant tasks, RPA technology solution providers in Vietnam specifically

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