5 Steps For Creating The Right App with An Outsourced Team

With the rise of eCommerce, more and more people are going online to do business. As consumers are increasingly doing their shopping on their mobile …

With the rise of eCommerce, more and more people are going online to do business. As consumers are increasingly doing their shopping on their mobile devices, it’s more essential than ever for businesses to have a mobile app for their products and services. The more convenient it is for consumers to buy your products, the more likely they will make a buying decision and come back for more. 

Many businesses have the in-house resources to build their own apps, these are often tech companies with a strong development team, but for others, building a mobile app is out of their expertise, and they have to rely on a third-party service provider to do it for them. It’s very important that these companies need to find a quality vendor if they want to have a decent app. 

In this article, we will introduce to you some standardized approaches that you can take to build a good mobile app with an outsourced development team. 

5 Approaches For Achieving A Successfully Outsourced Application 

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1. Only work with a reputable app development team.

A quick search on freelancer websites will present you with a list of software developers who offer to build your application at many levels of pricing. Not all of them, however, are competent enough to build a decent app and therefore can easily lead to problems in the future. It’s very hard to recognize a good freelance developer if you don’t have the expertise, so it’s a better and easier option to hire a reputable vendor on the market. A well-known trusted vendor will provide you with an experienced team who can guarantee success. 

2. Don’t let price rule your decision.

The bottom line is that it will likely cost companies more money to choose an outsourced company over a freelance software developer. However, this is rather justifiable due to the man-hours it takes a team to create a high-quality mobile app.

If you get too caught up in finding the lowest offer, you will end up with a low-quality vendor. Building a high-quality application takes a lot of man-hours and deep expertise, and these are not going to come at a cheap price. Even though a reputable vendor might charge a premium price, the output they return will pay off in a good user experience for your app, and that, in turn, will lead to increased profit in the long term. 

3. Avoid any vendor who doesn’t have a trustworthy online presence.

One of the signs that tell whether a vendor is reputable or not is their online presence. If a company doesn’t have a good website or isn’t active on social media, or it’s hard to find reviews about them, those should be red flags that you should be wary of. No capable vendor is not capable of building a trustworthy online presence. 

4. Look for online reviews of the vendor.

One of the best ways to find out if a vendor is good is by looking for customer reviews about them. With a few simple searches, Google can return a host of online review websites where you can discover what past customers are saying about a particular vendor.

If you can’t find reviews about a certain vendor but still have a feeling that they might be good, get in touch directly with them and ask about their past projects similar to yours. If they have done something well in the past, they will be able to explain it in detail.

5. Look for a vendor with relevant experience

Not all industries work the same way, so when it comes to building a custom mobile application, you should choose a vendor with industry-specific experience. If a vendor has dealt with the industry before, they will know how a mobile application in that domain should work, which will get you a better result. You can simply ask potential vendors about their previous work to know if they’ll be able to solve your problems.

How to work with An Outsourced Development Team

How to work with An Outsourced Development Team

Finding the right software development team is just the beginning of building a mobile app. There are things that you need to do to minimize the number of hiccups you may encounter along the way. You need to make sure that your outsourced development team has a clear and solid structure of how you want your app to work (e.g. what features you want to have, how the UI/UX looks like, etc.). The more specific you can be to your vendor, the better. 

Follow Up, but Avoid Micromanaging

You can follow up on your outsourced development team with occasional meetings, but don’t micromanage them, because that will just only cause interruptions that might delay or even hinder the progress of your mobile app development. Instead of constantly requesting status checks or asking tons of questions, schedule meetings to get your updates.

Testing Is Very Important

After the software vendor completes the app, the important step that you should never forget is to test the app thoroughly, on all of its functions, before launching it. There are many testing methods that you can use, and if you don’t have the in-house expertise to do it, paying for a testing service will be worth the investment. 

Feedback and reward remote team’s achievements

To achieve great results, you need to be comfortable with giving both positive and negative feedback to your outsourced team. Issues and unmet expectations should be raised early because, in software development, once something is fully developed, it’s often very hard to go back and fix it. 

On the other hand, there are many ways you can give credit to your outsourced members when they do a great job, such as:

  • Send gift cards
  • Giving a bonus
  • Praise the member publicly

Use project management software

If you have a small project, management software may not be necessary. A large-scale operation, however, will benefit from management software since you’ll be able to monitor communication and progress easier. With management software, your team members will be able to keep track of and report their workflow in an organized and centralized manner, and they can also have an overview of how they need to collaborate with other team members. 

Final Words

Using the tips in this article when working with your outsourced team will help increase your productivity and accelerate your mobile app development. It’s very important to find the right outsourced software vendor, but it’s even more important to work with them the right way if you’re going to build a high-quality app. 

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