DevOps Engineer Salary update 2021

Even though many consider DevOps one of those culture shifts rather than a single job, the title has drawn a lot of attention and interest …

DevOps engineer salary vietnam

Even though many consider DevOps one of those culture shifts rather than a single job, the title has drawn a lot of attention and interest from recruiters around the world. Do you know that DevOps engineer is among the 33 most recruited jobs on LinkedIn, according to the platform’s recent report?

The most recruited jobs overall

As for its short history, this new and somewhat nebulous title differs a lot in different companies and even goes by different names. Companies looking to hire DevOps engineers should also look for adjacent or overlapping titles, for instance, site reliability engineer.

DevOps is a constantly changing area in terms of compensation due to the rapidly changing skills requirements for different platforms and open source projects.

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Those looking for a job under this title, or those on the hunt for DevOps engineers for a project, such as software development, should all do thorough research in advance, especially in terms of salary and benefits. This step is to make sure people are well compensated, either for the expertise the employee brings to the table or the competitive advantages in comparison to companies’ industrial competitors.

How much does a DevOps engineer make?

How much does a DevOps engineer make

As of April 2021, the salary for a DevOps engineer is raging from $91,000 to $155,000, depending on your experiences and expertise. The top 10% of DevOps experts earn approximately $135,000 per year.

Senior DevOps Engineer Salary

In more detail, for a senior DevOps engineer title, the salary can jump up from the average of $115,666 to $132,359, or even as much as $179,000 on the high end, according to ZipRecruiter.

Another important factor that affects how much a developer is paid is what kind of work they do and where they are based.

DevOps Engineer Salary in different countries

DevOps engineers and Tech job recruiters can use this picture to negotiate their base pay, benefit, and so on. But for those wanting to know about DevOps Engineer Salaries in Vietnam? Keep scrolling!

How much can a software engineer in Vietnam earn? – The information may benefit you at its max.

DevOps Engineer Salary in Vietnam

One thing is for sure, IT Outsourcing in Vietnam is much cheaper than in other countries, even for some parts of India, China, and Ukraine.

DevOps Freelancer Base Pay

If you think that you work best with a DevOps freelancer, you can try websites that give you personalized recommendations. A freelance platform such as Upwork has effective comparison tools that will come in handy when you aren’t sure which one to choose.

On these sites, you can see that DevOps Freelancer Salary in Vietnam varies a lot from $15 to $70 more per hour. This rate is determined by the amount of work done in the past, reviews from previous clients, and many more.

However, Upwork doesn’t have any compensation for clients if the freelancer screws up their project, except for the monetary aspects. Your lost time, deadline, and everything? You have to bear with it on your own!

That’s why many are sourcing to top IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam to have their time, money and effort secure the best success!

DevOps Engineer Base Pay

For those working for companies, big IT outsourcing providers, etc., the average DevOps engineer gross salary in Vietnam is 467.752.878VND, which equals 224.881VND per hour – pretty cheap in comparison to other countries.

devops engineer salary potential

If required to OT, they earn an average bonus of 17.260.081VND per month. Salary estimates are based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in Vietnam.

For experience, the entry-level DevOps engineer (with 1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of 332.724.855VND while their senior peers with 8+ years of experience can earn 589.632.871VND on average a year.

For DevOps job seekers in Vietnam, the salary potential of this title is quite attractive: a 43% increase in 5 years.

DevOps Engineer Salary vs Software Engineer

In general, a DevOps engineer will be paid more than a Software engineer with the same experience. That’s because DevOps engineers are Software developers, plus additional responsibilities and more specialized so naturally they’re paid more.

In general DevOps engineer with the same experience gets 25-35% more salary with the same experience.

High Demand for DevOps Engineers

Job sites and freelancer sites are showing no sign of slowing hiring for this title. Specifically, according to the DevOps Institute’s 2019 DevOps Skill Report, 39% of respondents around the globe were recruiting for the DevOps Engineer/Manager title. The number for other IT job titles is Software Engineer (29%), DevOps Consultant (22%), Test Engineer (18%), Automation Architect (17%), Infrastructure Engineer (16%), and CI/CD Engineer (16%).

One final thing, there is a fact you must notice that for different companies, the title DevOps may vary largely. According to DevOps Institute, every DevOps engineer/manager job is different as it depends on the team’s topology, maturity of the company, roadmap to achieve velocity and quality of software, and culture. For example, some companies recruit DevOps Engineer as rebranded L3 SysOps or other jobs which doesn’t pay as much. So what you should do is read the Job description carefully, specifically ask for your responsibility and scope of work at interviews to make the best decision.

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