Digital Transformation Era: CMC Global brings Vietnamese Technology to Korea

Digital transformation is not just a trend but a journey. As global demand for digital transformation technology continues to rise, CMC Global stands ready to …

Digital transformation is not just a trend but a journey. As global demand for digital transformation technology continues to rise, CMC Global stands ready to lead innovation and transformation, offering optimal technology solutions for customers. 

There is such a Vietnam Technology Group… 

As a proud member of the CMC Corporation, CMC Global has emerged as Vietnam’s leading Information Technology company, making significant contributions to advancing Vietnamese technology. 

“At CMC, we prioritize innovation to deal with domestic market challenges and keep pace with rapid global developments. Our ‘Go Global’ initiative is driven by the determination to showcase Vietnamese talent, intelligence, and technology on the world stage, partnering with customers to achieve greater success together,” shared Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh, Chairman and Executive Chairman of CMC Group, discussing the company’s aspirations for growth. 

CMC Global is turning this goal into reality with numerous impressive achievements. As one of the four key sectors of CMC Corporation—Digital Infrastructure, Technology-Solutions, Research-Education, and International Business—CMC Global provides services, products, and technology solutions to thousands of Vietnamese businesses as well as top global companies in over 30 countries and territories, including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Germany, Australia, and the USA. 

Leading the Charge in Digital Transformation 

CMC Global, the international business division of CMC Group, is renowned for its comprehensive digital transformation consulting services. These services are backed by numerous quality certifications and partnerships with major global technology enterprises such as Microsoft and Amazon. However, few realize that CMC’s leaders envisioned this digital transformation strategy many years ago. 

In 2020, as the global economy struggled due to COVID-19 and many businesses shut down, CMC set an ambitious goal: to quadruple its revenue within five years, with at least 50% of this growth driven by digital transformation. To achieve this, CMC meticulously planned each step, from market research and implementing digital transformation within CMC itself to promoting business digitalization and optimizing operations for global partners.  

“CMC must successfully undergo an internal digital transformation before offering these services externally. Our capabilities must be fully prepared to achieve these objectives,” emphasized Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh. 

In the field of Digital Transformation (DX) and Customer Experience (CX), CMC focuses on enhancing the digital experience for customers and end-users through solutions such as CX (multi-channel customer experience management platform), ERP (enterprise resource planning) and over 20 other core technologies. As a result, CMC’s expert team has successfully executed over 2,000 information technology projects, with more than 90% completed on time across various sectors. 

Korea: A Key Partner in Our “Journey to the Great Ocean” 

CMC’s journey, spanning over three decades, has seen significant collaboration with Korean businesses for most of that time. The “billion-dollar” partnership between CMC Global and Samsung SDS is a notable milestone. Additionally, CMC Global has forged strong relationships with leading Korean companies across various industries, including manufacturing, consumer electronics, and technology. These partners include SK Telecom, CJ Olive Network, Kookmin Bank, GS Retail, LGU+, and Hyundai IT.  

These cooperation agreements and projects with Korean businesses are a testament to CMC Global’s efforts to establish its position, reputation, and capability in both the Korean and international markets. Through these strategic partnerships, CMC Global has made substantial contributions to Korea’s digital economy, empowering businesses with transformative solutions and fostering a culture of innovation. 

Commenting on the collaboration with CMC Global, Samsung SDS Executive Vice President Kim Jung Pil stated, “CMC Global is Samsung SDS’s first partner in the Vietnamese market. CMC Global has supported us in various areas such as SDS Solution, Partner Systems, Development & Operation. We hope that in the future, Samsung SDS Vietnam and CMC Global will create new opportunities for our strategic partnership, achieving great successes in the Korean market and expanding internationally.” 

Last May, CMC Global officially launched CMC Korea with an office opening event in Seoul, demonstrating its commitment to providing direct services to Korean businesses locally. CMC’s development strategy aims to expand its workforce to 10,000 – 15,000 employees by 2028, with around 30% dedicated to serving the Korean market. This expansion is expected to address many challenges in the Korean technology sector, support economic growth, and strengthen diplomatic relations between the two countries. 

Riding the Wave of the Global Digital Future: New Gen AI, New Green Earth, New Digital Heritage 

Looking towards 2028, CMC Global is committed to its vision of becoming a global digital leader, poised to shape the future of technology and enhance its global presence. With a focus on Gen AI, Green Earth, and Digital Heritage, CMC Global continues to push boundaries, empower communities, and create a sustainable future for future generations. 

Gen AI is not only a central focus for CMC Global but also a testament to the corporation’s commitment to pioneering artificial intelligence development and application. Gen AI will serve as the foundation for technology solutions that enhance operational efficiency, optimize business processes, and provide personalized experiences to customers worldwide. 

Some typical AI solutions researched and developed by CMC include CIVAMS (face recognition solution), which has been recognized by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as being in the top 12 of the world. world of facial recognition technology in December 2023, C-OCR products (Text recognition conversion from image documents), etc. With advanced AI technology solutions, CMC contributes to reshaping the technology landscape, offering breakthrough solutions for many industries globally. 

Green digital technology is considered a key factor in maintaining breakthrough advances besides Gen AI. CMC is steadfast in pursuing sustainable development strategies through the Green Earth initiative by integrating green technology solutions, thereby minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainable development in every aspect. business activities of the enterprise. Through the New Gen AI and New Green Earth initiatives, CMC strives to create new digital heritages New Digital Heritage for CMC people and contribute to creating prosperity for the country and the world.