Working With An AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner: What’s In It For You? 

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, leveraging the right cloud solutions is crucial for business success. Partnering with an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner can provide …

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, leveraging the right cloud solutions is crucial for business success. Partnering with an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner can provide the expertise, resources, and support needed to navigate the complexities of cloud computing. In this blog, we’ll explore the advantages of working with an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner and how this collaboration can help your organization achieve its cloud goals efficiently and effectively.

How Does Our Partnership with AWS Help Us Achieve Our Goals? 

CMC Global’s core values—customer centricity, embracing bold ideas, and fostering innovative thinking—align perfectly with AWS’s principles. This strategic alliance with AWS enables us to meet diverse customer needs and deliver exceptional experiences. Here’s how: 

  • Technical advancement: Partnering with AWS demonstrates our commitment to using their top-notch cloud services to improve the quality and support of our solutions. 
  • Innovation and growth: Collaborating with AWS creates an innovative environment, offering a wide range of data-driven tools and resources that support rapid scaling and growth. 
  • Enhanced customer experience: AWS helps us provide personalized, reliable, and seamless experiences to our valued customers. 
  • Operational excellence: Our partnership with AWS ensures operational efficiency through their flexible, resilient, and secure cloud infrastructure, making us more agile and responsive to market demands. 

What are The Benefits of Working with An AWS Advanced Partner? 

Partnering with an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner solidifies our position as a leader in offering digital product engineering services. We’ve earned this distinction by demonstrating our deep technical expertise through numerous AWS partner validations and consistently delivering successful outcomes for a wide range of customers at scale. 

When you team up with an AWS Advanced Tier services partner, you can unlock the full potential of the AWS platform with the following advantages. 

#1 Access to advanced AWS technical expertise 

As an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, we offer our clients priority access to AWS support resources. This means our customers have a direct line to AWS technical support engineers who can swiftly diagnose and resolve issues. 

With over 100 AWS experts and over 100 AWS certifications, we are a trusted partner for businesses needing comprehensive AWS solutions. Our certifications cover a wide variety of AWS services and disciplines, ensuring you receive robust, scalable, and optimized cloud solutions tailored to your business needs. 

#2 Long-lasting efforts and relationships 

Being an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner requires sustained effort over an extended period, showcasing our commitment to our customers’ long-term success. We focus on building strong relationships with clients based on trust, understanding, and the shared goal of achieving outstanding results. 

Our case study highlights our dedication to enduring customer partnerships. For example, when a leading bank in Vietnam needed a system to manage a large volume of data from various sources and automatically detect changes, we partnered with AWS to create a solution architecture designed for the next ten years. This enduring collaboration resulted in superior performance, agility, and scalability for our client. 

#3 Maximized savings 

AWS provides several funding options to an Advanced Tier Services Partner, enabling us to deliver AWS solutions to our customers more efficiently. These benefits help our clients build cost-effective solutions with our assistance. Here’s how: 

  • Training discounts and credits: AWS offers discounted training for our technical teams, ensuring we are well-versed in AWS and its various solutions. This reduces the time and resources needed for training and upskilling, minimizing costs associated with hiring additional staff or partnering with multiple collaborators.  
  • AWS promotional credits for certifications: When we pass AWS Certification exams, we earn promotional credits that can offset AWS infrastructure costs. By leveraging these credits, we can offer more competitive pricing for our services, benefiting our customers with lower costs and access to certified professionals.  
  • Migration Acceleration Program (MAP): With financial assistance via cash or AWS promotional credits, we can accelerate our customers’ migration or modernization workloads on AWS. This reduced migration time can result in lower costs for you and ease resource constraints during the migration or modernization process. 
  • Marketing Development Funds (MDF): These funds help us offset marketing costs in promoting our AWS solutions. By dedicating more resources to marketing without the financial burden, you ultimately benefit from a wider choice of services at competitive rates. 

2023 Brought Us AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner Status 

CMC Global first achieved the AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner status in 2023, marking an important moment in our journey. This recognition is awarded to companies that demonstrate deep expertise and proven customer success in deploying AWS solutions. 

Since then, we’ve supported thousands of clients worldwide, many of whom are in the Fortune 500. We’ve also increased the number of AWS personnel to over 100 staff with hundreds of AWS Certifications, as mentioned earlier.  

As We Are Well Into 2024, CMC Global Has Successfully Maintained Its AWS Partner Status  

Maintaining this prestigious AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner status for a second consecutive year is a testament to our team’s hard work, innovation, and commitment to providing high-quality AWS services.   

Our team of AWS-certified professionals plays a crucial role in this achievement. Their dedication to excellence and continuous learning ensures that we can offer the highest standards of service. From cloud migration and architecture design to managed services and security, CMC Global experts are equipped to handle a wide range of AWS-related challenges.  

Go Cloud-native – With Confidence, with CMC Global! 

AWS’s outstanding infrastructure and services provide an ideal foundation for developing secure, robust applications and workloads. As an AWS Advanced Partner, CMC Global is equipped to design, migrate, manage, and optimize your most ambitious cloud projects. 

Contact us today to explore the possibilities and set your organization on the path to long-term success.