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Offshore Development Center that transforms your business: Where to find?

  Offshore development is dramatically changing the overall IT outsourcing and software development industry in many ways. Because it provides both accessibilities to a skilled …


9 Huge Benefits of Vietnamese IT Outsourcing Market You Shouldn’t Miss

Today there are a variety of countries that you can go to when you need to IT outsourcing project. Selecting the best one, which can …


Offshore Development Teams: A Strategic Asset In A Post-Pandemic Landscape

Some people perform better in times of crisis – this maxim applies to businesses and people who run them as well. Under the pressure of …


A Productive Meetings in IT Outsourcing Guide

Meetings are no longer what they used to be, and turning every meeting sessions into productive meetings can be tricky

9 Steps To Becoming a Great QA Lead

Whenever a topic, especially a process-based one such as testing documentation, emerges, one of the most common problems a team may have to face is: …

Shortage of Software Engineers

Shortage of Software Engineers, your Worst Nightmare in 2021

The shortage of software engineers, not only in the US but the whole world is no breaking news. For years, the IT Talent crisis with …

Digital Business Acceleration: CIO Agenda compilation 2021

COVID-19 hit all countries terribly, making places empty due to lockdown, and people strained for their lives, jobs, and future. But at the same time, the pandemic has opened a strangely ideal door for many CIOs to save their enterprises. CIOs and their digital business initiatives are now the driving force behind any growth, even the smallest, as the entire enterprise’s path to the future runs through IT.

vs Software Engineering

Software Developer vs Software Engineering Comparison

Software developer vs software engineering – You’ve probably heard of these two professions, but what are the exact differences between them? Some people believe that …

Eating your own dog food/ dogfooding is the slang that means using your own software products internally

Why We Eat Our Own Dog Food, and You Should, too?

Have you ever downloaded software and just can’t believe how bad it is? Have you ever struggled to accomplish one simple task on a system …

it outsourcing 2021

Global IT Outsourcing Market Report 2021 and beyond – A future to embrace

If COVID-19 didn’t break out, our world would look much different than it is today. normally, each industry will have several long-term predictions, in which …

How to recruit gen Z developers: 7 strategies HRs can use

It’s almost 2021, Gen Z is now entering the workforce, and if you are thinking of applying all your insights about Millennials to recruit gen …

Thriving Business in COVID-19: Major Industries

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly left a considerable toll on the global economy. The struggle to maintain a business in COVID-19 can be found in …