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Entrusted by hundreds of clients worldwide, we believe in empowering your business with top-certified IT talents and innovative world-class service delivery.


CMC Global offers end-to-end IT and digital solutions, including software development, digital transformation, and IT consulting. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, CMC Global delivers customized and scalable services to help businesses achieve their digital goals. Our expertise, experience, and commitment to delivering results make us a trusted partner for organizations worldwide.


World-class IT Outsourcing

Our world-class engineering services are here to help your business in adapting to today’s ever-changing technology era while boosting software portfolio variety in the shortest period. CMC Global supplies enterprises with a huge pool of service offer, from all solutions related to software development, maintenance, and migration to all kinds of testing services in every stage, to empower your future growth.
Find your best fit IT services with our consulting team for the ultimate customized software!

Our service offerings:
– Custom Software Development
– Software Maintenance
– Legacy Migration
– Testing Services

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the answer to business success in this computerized era. CMC Global’s innovation-led solutions of implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Robotic Automation (RPA), and Low Code, enable your business to achieve cost-saving, improve efficiency, and make use of emerging technology to drive value long into the future.

Our clients get the ability to access a whole team of certified experts, using IT systems from the world’s “giant” providers in Cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud), RPA (BluePrism, Automation Anywhere, UIPaths), and Low Code (ut System, MS Power Apps) sectors.

Our service offerings:

CMC Solutions

Professional Advanced services of CMC Global range from leveraging the effectiveness in management tasks such as identifying ID information, and facial recognition to Social Listening solutions for better insight analysis

Our service offerings:
IoT smart device – CIVAMs face
CMC Social Listening
CMC Chatbot
C-ID Reader


Based on compatibility, efficiency, and cost optimization, CMC Global offers various working methods for worldwide entrepreneurs to choose the best one that suits either on-premise or long-run demand.

Our service working models:
– Project-based
– Staff Augmentation
– Hybrid
– Results-based



We worked in close cooperation with over 300 staff members project to maintain the modules of the platform and develop new features to satisfy end-users.


A Singapore-based fintech company partnered up with us to apply innovative technologies to their banking systems across South East Asia.


CMC Global team worked with the client both onsite and offshore to develop and maintain applications in hospitals across South Korea.

Automotive Technology

We provide embedded testing solutions for in-car driver applications for a leading company in the automotive industry.


We enhanced the system of semiconductor chip manufacturing and develop a Web app to support Account Receivable procedures.

Media and Entertainment

We helped customers in migrating their entire operating system to the Cloud in as little as 6 months with complex tasks that require cloud expertise.

Business Sizes



Deliver Agile software and MVP (Minimal Viable Product) development services that help to turn your idea into a real project and satisfy your end-users with the least effort in the shortest average time.


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Implement digital transformation solutions for optimizing existing processes, reimagine and reinvent what you do, and discover new possibilities for your product and testing service for the smooth operation of the software with a team of experts.


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Offer Digital Transformation Services on a large scale to increase productivity while maintaining or improving quality, delivered by a professional IT team with the best IT solution customed for you.