CMC Global Wins Big At 19th Annual 2024 Globee® Awards for Technology

Last week, CMC Global set a new milestone by winning double Globee® Awards in the 19th Annual 2024 Globee® Awards for Technology. Notably, CMC Global …

Last week, CMC Global set a new milestone by winning double Globee® Awards in the 19th Annual 2024 Globee® Awards for Technology. Notably, CMC Global was thrilled to receive the Gold Globee award as the top performer in the IT Service category. 

This year, CMC Global is recognized for the exceptional performance of its Global Delivery Center, as well as its Cloud and Data-as-a-Service offerings. These award-winning solutions are key components of the company’s digital strategy, designed to streamline business operations and facilitate rapid adaptation to the digital age. 

Receiving the Gold Globee® Award for Cloud Computing & Data Services, CMC Global offerings are an all-in-one product suite for managing multi-cloud environments and leveraging data. They help enhance agility, minimize risks, and elevate service quality. 

Named Silver Globee® Winner for Best IT Service Provider of the Year, CMC Global has proven its ability to deliver comprehensive Global Delivery Center (GDC) solutions. One of its most remarkable achievements is rapidly expanding to 1,000 skilled IT professionals for a GDC, effectively catering to businesses of all sizes across various industries. 

Aiming to become one of the leading digital transformation providers, CMC Global is rolling out a fresh strategy to strengthen its position and broaden its reach in the international market. Leveraging New AI Gen technology, CMC Global is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge AI solutions that meet global clients’ growing demands.

The company’s “Go Global” initiative focuses on expanding its market presence and establishing a strong international network. Recently, CMC celebrated the launch of its branch in Korea, marking a new milestone in its growth strategy. Looking ahead, CMC plans to open another office in Japan, further solidifying its presence in the Asian market.

About Globee Award 

The Globee Awards are a set of business award competitions organized annually. They were created in 2003 to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of companies and business executives & professionals worldwide. 

Globee Awards are conferred in eleven programs and competitions: the CEO World Awards®, the Consumer World Awards®, The Customer Sales & Service World Awards®, the Globee® International Best in Business Awards, the Golden Bridge Awards®, the Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards® and Security World Awards, the IT World Awards®, One Planet® American Best in Business Awards, the Globee® Employer Excellence Awards®, the Globee® Corporate Communications & Marketing World Awards, and the Women World Awards®.  

Honoring organizations of all types and sizes and the people behind their success, the Globee Awards recognize outstanding achievements and performances in businesses worldwide. 

About CMC Global 

Founded in 2017, CMC Global leverages the foundation and successes of CMC Corporation to establish itself as a leading technology services provider in Vietnam.   

Aiming to become the top provider of Digital Transformation solutions (Top DX Service Provider), CMC Global focuses its resources on addressing a wide range of technological challenges across various industries in the Asia Pacific region, Europe, and America. This aligns with their vision of bringing Vietnamese IT products, solutions, and services to the international market.  

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