CMC Global: IT Outsourcing Vendor For Medium-To-Large-Sized Software Projects and ODC Setup

Finding a reliable IT outsourcing vendor for a software project is hard, but finding one for a medium or large project, where hundreds of thousands …

Finding a reliable IT outsourcing vendor for a software project is hard, but finding one for a medium or large project, where hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake, is way much harder.

Although the global IT outsourcing industry doesn’t have a shortage of service providers, it does have a shortage of ones that have the labor capacity and financial capability to handle grand-scale projects.

So, what is the simplest solution to dodge the risk of losing a fortune to a failed IT project? You just need to select a vendor that has a proven track record of successfully delivering projects of this scale.

To do so, you need to know what qualities a big competent IT outsourcing vendor typically has. Here are the common traits among vendors of this scale and what those traits mean:

  • They have hundreds to thousands of engineers (The ability to handle labor-intensive projects).
  • They have universally recognized certificates (Proof of their capability)
  • They have well-known clients in their track records (Proof of their capability).
  • They can provide various technical skill sets (Ability to handle complicated projects).
  • They have transparent business processes (Trust is taken seriously).
  • They don’t make random promises to get contracts but are clear and upfront about what they can deliver (Breach of contract and customer’s interests are taken seriously).
  • They welcome clients’ tests on their technical abilities (Talent isn’t afraid of tests)

Once you have found a vendor that can show these qualities, you can move forward with them and discuss your software requirements. Pay attention to how thorough and accurate their technical consultancy is, because that will show you whether or not you can rely on this vendor.

If you are in the middle of your search for a suitable IT outsourcing vendor, we, CMC Global, are confident that we can be a strong option on your list. Let me tell you why. 

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8 Reasons Why You Can Rely On CMC Global For Your Next Software Project

1. CMC Global is in the top 3 largest IT outsourcing service providers in Vietnam:

CMC Global is a division of CMC Corporation, a Vietnamese high-tech conglomerate founded in 1993 with a current workforce of more than 3,500 employees. CMC Corporation covers various industries such as cyber security, telecom, AI research, and development. 

CMC Global, the IT outsourcing service division of CMC Corporation, was founded in 2017, and now has over 1,500 employees in 6 offices around the world. This size of skilled personnel enables us to be ready for software projects of medium and large scales. 

Have we delivered any before? Yes, we have. 

2. CMC Global has the capabilities to handle large-scale projects:

Being a strategic IT outsourcing partner of Samsung, CMC Global has successfully delivered many of its software projects; some required up to 500 engineers. Apart from Samsung, we have been able to meet demanding requirements from other difficult clients such as IBM, OneConnect, Honda, and Panasonic; many of these Fortune 500 customers have become our long-term partners (please get in touch with our Sales team for case studies from these projects). 

Having had our capabilities and skills honed in serving these tough clients, CMC Global is now confident and comfortable at handling projects of medium and large sizes, and having more than 200 happy customers in our track record is exactly what we pride ourselves on!

Our in-house infrastructure: 

Information security is often one of the main concerns when our customers discuss their requirements. We always advise that they won’t have to worry about this with us because our in-house infrastructure and security procedures will guarantee maximum security for their projects. For example, for security-sensitive projects, we prohibit our staff from bringing their mobile devices into our delivery infrastructure.

3. CMC Global has been certificated for quality assurance:

CMC Global is CMMi-certified. CMC Global has reached Level 3 out of 5 levels in the globally recognized CMMi (Capability Maturity Model Integration) system; being one of the few Vietnamese IT outsourcing vendors who have earned this certification. 

CMMi is a system of strict standards whose aim is to ensure the quality of the output that a company produces. Software developers need to follow these standards if they want to be qualified for demanding contracts because many big clients require the certification of CMMi just to take a vendor into consideration. 

This certification is among the factors that The US military is relying on to assess vendors for their projects. 

CMC Global is ISO 27001:2013-certified. Our uncompromising quality standards have earned us another certification for quality, which is ISO 27001:2013. ISO is an internationally recognized certificate given to companies that have a reliable quality management system (QMS). The ISO standards are one of the world’s most trusted and prominent quality management systems.

4.  CMC Global covers a wide variety of skill sets:

CMC Global covers a wide range of technical skillsets, including:

  • Back-end: C, Java, .Net, PHP, Python, NodeJS, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, Perl, Scala, and Golang
  • Database: Oracle, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • Front-end: Angular and ReactJS, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Mobile: Android, iOS, Xamarin, Flutter
  • Full-stack

These skillsets are covered by our established workforce of more than 1,000 engineers, including: 

  • 05+ Software architects
  • 20+ project managers
  • 900+ software engineers
  • 45+ testers
  • 40 colors
  • 10 business analysts

So, whatever your technical requirements are, we will have the talent to fulfill them. 

5. CMC Global Provides A Wide Range of IT Services:

The advantage of having hundreds of engineers is we can cover various different services that clients in the IT outsourcing market commonly need.

Software Engineering Services

  1. Offshore Development Center Setup: This service is for customers who want to save costs by setting up an offshore development center with our IT engineers. The hired engineers will stay under the management of the client during the period of service.
  2. Custom Software Development: This service is for customers who want to develop custom software applications. CMC Global will handle the entire development process and return a finished product to the client. 
  3. Software Maintenance & Management Service. If you have an existing application or system for which you need maintenance for a certain period of time, this service is for you. Software maintenance includes a wide range of activities such as optimization, error correction, deletion of discarded features, and enhancement of existing features.
  4. Testing Services. If you have finished developing an application and need some experts to test it for you, we have a dedicated testing unit to help you with that. We provide two types of software testing including 1) functional testing and 2) non-functional testing.  For functional testing, we can do both manual testing and automation testing. For non-functional testing, we can cover performance testing and PEN testing (system security testing).

Cloud Services

  1. Cloud Migration. This is for customers who would like to transfer the data they are storing in their hard drives onto the cloud. CMC Global is a certificated partner of Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon AWS, and has certified engineers that will help migrate your data onto either of these three cloud infrastructures based on your needs.
  2. Cloud Management Services. After you have transferred your data to the cloud, you can’t just leave it there and expect it to run properly on its own; there can be unexpected errors and bugs that make you unable to access your data. If you don’t have anyone in your business who can maintain your cloud data, you can hire our engineers and they will handle everything for you from bug fixing to system optimization.

6. CMC Global provides flexible forms of collaboration:

You can choose how to collaborate with us based on your needs:

  1. Project-based software development: You can hire us to build a complete software application. Under this form of collaboration, we will study your software requirements and come up with the best solutions. Details about pricing, development timeline, and other commitments will be discussed and formalized in a contract. 
  2. Offshore Development Center: Under this form of collaboration, you can select the skillsets that you need from our pool of 1,000 experienced engineers for your IT project. The personnel you hire will work exclusively for you and stay under your management during the collaboration period.

As mentioned in Section 3, CMC Global can provide engineers with a wide variety of skillsets for backend, frontend, database, mobile and full-stack development. All you need to do is figure out your needs, and we’ll send off our engineers to fulfill them! 

Details about pricing, guaranteed levels of skillsets, and other commitments will also be discussed and formalized in a contract. CMC Global welcomes clients’ tests on our engineers’ technical skill sets. 

However you would like to collaborate with us, please leave your contact details in the form below and our sales team will be in touch to discuss it with you!

7. CMC Global has transparent processes:

CMC Global has a very active and knowledgeable English-speaking sales team, who will walk you through every single step in our software development and business process. You can discuss your technical requirements with them and receive suggested solutions (presented in a thorough step-by-step manner) in return.

All agreements between you and us will be formalized in a contract that has straightforward terms and conditions. We do take any breach of contract seriously, and we hope you do too!

8. CMC Global has a low turnover rate: 

CMC Global received the Best companies to work for in Asia award and Vietnam’s best place to work award in 2020. These rewards are a representation of the fact that CMC Global has been among the vendors that have the lowest turnover rates in the Vietnamese IT service market.  

The pay-off for our effort to create a friendly and supportive working environment is that our workers are happier and more productive, and our customers are less likely to have to experience the pain of replacing workers in the middle of their projects

Final Words

I hope that you will find what you need in the services that we provide, and also hope that our track records and capabilities will land us on your consideration list of vendors for your next IT development project! 

If you need any further information or consultancy, please fill out the form below and our Sales team will be in touch shortly!