Top Cloud Migration Companies in Vietnam

In times of COVID, it is normal for businesses everywhere to hear the term “digitalization”, “automation” and especially “cloud migration”. With promising bright futures and …

top cloud migration companies in vietnam

In times of COVID, it is normal for businesses everywhere to hear the term “digitalization”, “automation” and especially “cloud migration”. With promising bright futures and tempting benefits, Cloud Migration requires considering many factors. For example, you will need top cloud migration companies to do a deep analysis of the business current environment, then build a detailed plan of migration based on that, with a suitable environment as well as execute the migration itself. Factors such as deployment time and compatibility of applications and projects should also be taken into account also. For instance, you will need your potential cloud migration company to have expertise in DevOps, Microservices Architecture, Data Warehousing.

The journey to find a suitable cloud migration company not only for your budget, but mostly for your business needs, required engineering capabilities and expertise can be tricky, as you are not familiar with the Vietnamese market.

So, in this article, we will provide you with a list of Vietnam’s top cloud migration companies with a proven reputation. The list is ranked based on CMC Global’s assessment, expert opinions as well as information about their previous works proven on their public LinkedIn accounts, websites, and portfolios. We also consult multiple trusted and popular sources, such as top cloud migration companies’ profiles on reputable GoodFirms, Clutch.Co, and many more. 

Cloud Migration – What is it?

Cloud Migration Definition

Cloud Migration is considered an adoption of cloud computing. It can be understood as a “resettlement” of all the organization’s data/ data centers, and processes from some data centers to a cloud infrastructure. This lifts the burden of server maintenance and application management to an external location and usually to a specialized supplier.

To implement Cloud Migration successfully, it is advisable that businesses consider using more than one “clouds” to ensure efficiency and storage capacity, as for future business development phases.

Types Of Cloud Migration

There are four types of cloud migration. They are lift and shift, shift to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), application refactoring, and replatforming.

Lift and Shift: Get Out of the Data Center

With the same software your company used in the data center, Lift and Shift now do it in the cloud. Therefore, there is little to no learning curve for the cloud applications in the workplace, since they work exactly the same as before. Thanks to this, the Cloud Migration type is the fastest method for migrating applications to the cloud with the least disruption and upfront cost. To implement this, you only need to involve your infrastructure and security teams, leaving everyone else free to pursue their work uninterrupted. 

However, this cloud migration type can’t take full advantage of the speed and versatility the cloud can provide. With the application process unchanged, the shifted version doesn’t necessarily perform any better than the original. 

Who it is for: This model is best suited to companies with a regular peak schedule and slow, predictable changes in the market, with Food delivery companies or Tax companies being good examples.

Shift to SaaS: Save Time and Trouble

Shifting to SaaS means that the organization chooses to outsource one or more applications to a cloud services company that specializes in applications management. This type is done on an application by application basis and only choose to shift the applications they need to. Therefore, shifting to SaaS lets employees have the room to focus on their core competencies and things that make a business unique and competitive. Outsourcing applications to SaaS also means that the organization will need fewer licenses for business tools. 

While the main pros of shifting to SaaS is to personalize it, customizing it can also be the main cons if you don’t have the right Cloud Migration services provider. Interjectory code added to a SaaS tool can cause you to lose the support model and update model provided by the SaaS company. This means that if you start shifting applications directly related to your industry, you can lose the customizations giving your business competitive edges. 

Who it is for: Shifting to SaaS should only be used for routine functions

Application Refactoring: App Modernization

With refactoring, organizations can replicate their legacy applications as a whole and intact onto a cloud platform. Application refactoring is considered low risk because legacy applications can run in parallel while new applications are constructed, giving users the immediate benefits of agility and speed to market.

Refactoring is all about prioritization, which means organizations can save time by minimizing spending on things they won’t need once in the cloud. That technically will help them save money on the platform itself, too by switching to cloud native services that cost less.

Who it is for: Organizations having specific applications which can benefit from the cloud.

Replatforming: Develop Applications in the Cloud

With a larger scale of cloud migration, there are a lot of companies that want their core competencies to be scalable, elastic, robust, resilient, redundant, and available. With such comprehensive benefits, this is no doubt the hardest option to implement, at the same time requires the most planning for the future as well as the most upfront cost. 

How is the best way to let you utilize the full strength and flexibility of the cloud the hardest and most expensive? Replatforming is replacing the application at the code level to make it cloud native, which means it is a complete application reimagination, requiring a complete rewrite. 

Who it is for: Replatforming is for companies looking to embrace benefits of the cloud, enterprise-wide.

If you think, oh I can take these risks, think carefully about your company: how fast it can change? How fast do I need to keep up with customers and the market? 

Top 15 cloud migration companies in Vietnam

See our top Cloud Migration companies with their scale, location and capability to pick your best Cloud partner!

CMC Global

cmc global top it company in vietnam

Employee: 1000+

Location: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Korea, Japan

Established in 1993, CMC Corporation has secured its 2nd largest position in the Vietnamese IT market and reputation in many countries through key business blocks: Technology & Solution Division, Business Block International Business, and Telecommunications. Among these blocks, CMC Global is the youngest company member, with the fastest growth and potential, aiming at providing world class IT outsourcing solutions, especially Cloud Migration. 

Our Cloud migration services are constantly modernized to adapt to the changing business needs of lower costs and fewer risks of customers. You can choose from:

  • On-Premise to Cloud: we provide deep cloud migration and home-transfer service without or little changes to current servers. 
  • Cloud to Cloud: We completely change the cloud provider upon request OR partially move to a single or multiple cloud provider to improve performance; OR split application across multiple cloud providers for high availability
  • Cloud Platform Integration: We integrate client system with 3rd party cloud SaaS Service, provide experienced engineer to support integration process and develop add-on and tools

Up to now, CMC Global has executed many projects for customers of all domains, bringing their best badges to the market with a series of high-quality technology products. Our best advantages are a team of Cloud experts, who have the capability to ensure minimal downtime and cost optimization to meet business needs without overspending.

Talk to us about your project here:

See our list of Top Cloud Managed Service Providers in Vietnam



Employee: 10 – 49

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

InnomizeTech is an offshore software development and IT consulting company located in Vietnam. Their service offerings are quite varied, from Cloud computing, Software Development, DevOps Engineering, to Software Integration solutions to guide you to the right direction. Small as it is, the company always promises to deliver the most up-to-date and innovative solutions.

CMC Telecom

CMC Telecom

Employee: 700+

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

CMC Telecom is another member company of CMC Corporation, the 2nd largest Vietnamese IT corporation. It is also the first Vietnam cable system to connect through Southeast Asia, directly connecting to A-Grid telecommunication infrastructure network and 05 submarine cable system: AAE1, APG, A-Grid, Unity and Faster. 

CMC Telecom specialized in Cloud and currently owns 03 Data Center as Tier III standard. So much so, its newest Data Center in Hanoi, opened in December 2017 is the first and the only Data Center in Vietnam to own the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).


Employee: 700+

Location: HCM, Vietnam

Founded in Belgium in 1999, PYCOGROUP aims at accelerating the digital transformation  for companies all around the world with its passionate consultants and developers from diverse cultures around the globe. 

With a dynamic team of 550 employees, the product range of PYCOGroup is diversified, ranging from services such as cloud migration, m-Commerce to customized applications based on customer’s needs.

Amaris Consulting

Amaris Consulting

Employee: 1000+

Location: Vietnam, the UK

Belonging to Mantu Group, Amaris Consulting is an independent, international Technologies and Management Consulting Company. Founded in 2007, Mantu Group has more than 850 clients worldwide throughout their project’s lifecycle. Their expertise also spread over 5 areas of innovation: Business and Management, Information Technologies, Engineering and High Technologies.

Amaris Consulting has deployed solutions to many large projects,  across many different large-small projects, including cloud migration projects to make it easy for businesses to go digital. Their customers can be found in all industries ranging from financial services and transportation, to healthcare and technology.


Employee: 50 – 249

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

NCC is a young, small start-up, founded by 4 passionate software engineers. Small, but they build everything around “People” and take pride in their addiction to new technologies. Up to now, NCC has always kept the same mission as in the beginning, as a team of skilled experts in software development. Some memorable marks of NCC are the products of cloud migration, custom software development, e-Commerce, m-Commerce and so on. They have brought the company many reputations and positive comments.

Groove Technology

Employee: 50 – 249

Location: HCM , Vietnam

Founded in 2016 and based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Groove Technology is a team of nearly 250 talented members who are working hard to pave the way for advanced software technology production. Groove Technology helps smart businesses to maximize opportunities, ensure the well-being of the members and increase profits.



Employee: 10 – 49

Location: HCM , Vietnam

Located right at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, EZtek gets the customers’ hearts with their young and enthusiastic talents in web application development and mobile application development. Their best edge, like any other Asian companies, is the cost benefits.

Axon Active

Axon active company

Employee: 250 – 999

Location: HCMC, Vietnam

Founded in 2008, Axon Active inherited strong partnerships of its Swiss-based parent company to bring to Vietnam a high-performance software distribution infrastructure, outsourced options with the perfect combination of management, Agile and Scrum practice, technology skills and industry knowledge.


Employee: 250 – 999

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

VTI Cloud is a young company, but it is one of the most active AWS partners in Southeast Asia. The founders have gathered a team of top performing, trusted architects to turn their promise to reality: to help organizations leverage the full potential of cloud computing. They have served several customers from global enterprises to budding startups.  

Saigon Technology Solutions

Saigon Technology is a noticeable outsourcing team in Vietnam. They offer IT Talents for a series of software projects and products for customers all around the globe. They have affirmed their place in the IT Outsourcing industry with nearly 150 highly qualified developers in Vietnam, with a motto to aim at clients satisfaction and success.


Employee: 10 – 49

Location: NYC, Vietnam, Hongkong

Headquartered in leading locations around the world in technology such as New York, Vietnam and Hong Kong, NIFTIT make itself known as a high-end software design and development service provider, specializing in building and delivering mobile applications, cloud migration and data-driven web, trending-style design, as well as consulting custom business solutions (Microsoft SharePoint) following industry best practices.


Savvycom is a famous software company specializing in web and mobile application development. Their service offerings include web development, cloud & mobile application development, as well as delivering smart IT solutions for all client types. Till now, Savvycom has successfully delivered several mobile apps, e-commerce sites and IT solutions for a diverse range of clients across all industry sectors.

S3 Corp

S3Corp company

S3Corp is one of the Vietnamese prominent software development service providers with a global reach. S3 Corp has a team of scalable IT talents with extensive experience in the outsourcing industry. They also adopt proven processes and global standards, providing clients with diverse software services. 

You can have many services executed by S3 Corp, ranging from full software development, new feature development, existing feature enhancement, test automation tool development, maintenance and inspection support services, and more.


Having the access to true and updated information about Vietnam’s Top cloud migration companies is the key to success, especially in such a turbulent time like now. These Cloud service provider companies, including CMC Global, are all famous names among the top of Vietnam’s cloud migration industry. They all have proven record and sound portfolios that you can trust to partner with your Cloud journey, and somehow, ensure your Cloud success.