Automation Solutions: CMC Global’s Imprints at Vietnam – Asia DX Summit 2024

The discussion, themed “Optimizing Business Operations through AI/Automation Applications,” featured technology experts from CMC Global who shared their extensive experience in using AI and automation …

mR lUONG aNH Tuan head of bpa cmc global

The discussion, themed “Optimizing Business Operations through AI/Automation Applications,” featured technology experts from CMC Global who shared their extensive experience in using AI and automation technologies for data management. CMC Global contributions focused on developing solutions to enhance business operations, thereby facilitating successful digital transformation for enterprises. 

Data Management Is An Inevitable Trend of Digital Transformation 

At the Vietnam – Asia DX Summit 2024, themed “Digital Transformation – Green Transformation,” Mr. Dang Van Tu, CTO of CMC Global, highlighted the positive and robust progress of digital transformation in Vietnam and Asia. 

Vietnam is among the first countries globally to implement a national digital transformation program, positioning itself alongside developed nations. This initiative is crucial for leveraging the opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

CTO TU DANG van of cmc global

Data exploitation and management are considered fundamental to the digital transformation journey. With over 70% of the population using the Internet, data is essential for advancing Vietnam’s digital economy and society. 

“Every digital transformation challenge involves data. While data storage might be straightforward, data processing is complex. Effective data reservoirs, exploitation tools, and processing methods are necessary, depending on the purpose,” stated Mr. Dang Van Tu. 

CMC Global Partners With Businesses to Address Big Data Challenges 

“The growing volume of data and the necessity for real-time decision-making present challenges for businesses seeking advanced automation solutions. These solutions must do more than adapt to changes; they must also learn from interactions and make intelligent decisions. This is where AI becomes essential,” explained Mr. Luong Anh Tuan, Head of Business Process Automation (BPA) at CMC Global, during the event. 

mR lUONG aNH Tuan head of bpa cmc global

To optimize business operations and better support customers in managing and processing data, CMC Global has implemented cloud computing technology to reduce server load and utilized AI and automation to boost productivity. 

By integrating AI technology and machine learning capabilities into RPA applications, businesses can automate data-related tasks quickly with complete accuracy, offering greater stability than human efforts. RPA applications are versatile and suitable for tasks characterized by: 

  • Regularity 
  • Susceptibility to errors 
  • Handling diverse numerical data 
  • Stringent time and seasonal requirements 

The procedural nature of tasks in various fields makes RPA solutions, which utilize software bots, highly suitable for deployment across multiple industries. These include finance, accounting, banking, manufacturing, retail, and logistics. 

CMC Global’s Impact on The International Data Management Map 

By implementing over 200 RPA processes into customer operations, CMC Global has automated tasks such as inspecting employee travel, processing discounts, extracting flight information, checking meals, and transferring crew data. This has significantly benefited a 5-star international airline, recognized by Skytrax as the best airline globally for five years, saving it up to 520,000 hours of manual labor annually with 45 million transactions processed by machines. 

The departments within the airline utilizing RPA include corporate planning, customer experience, marketing planning, commerce, sales & marketing, freight, and information technology. 

Beyond automation, CMC Global has earned a reputation for its successful digital transformation projects with numerous domestic and international businesses. Leveraging its consulting and implementation expertise, CMC Global offers solutions such as automation, data analysis, and cloud computing, helping businesses overcome challenges in data collection and processing, and optimizing workflows. As a result, customers can reduce manual labor hours and operational costs while enhancing business efficiency.