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Ride-hailing Application Development

Ride-hailing Application Development

Project Details

Our client was a Vietnamese ride-hailing startup in search of a trustworthy application development service provider within the country. They were planning to introduce new features in their mobile app to enhance user’s experience. That’s when they came to us to help them turn ideas into solutions. In this project, we joined hand with the client’s development team to:

  • Develop a voucher management system in the app for businesses.
  • Develop and test the Loyalty feature for end-users
  • Consult suitable solutions, both to meet the requirements of customers, and integrate well with the existing application.

At the end of the project, we receive high customer satisfaction scores of over 90. All deliverables have been transferred successfully, guaranteeing the quality and strict requirements of the client. Our proudest accomplishment has been to keep all features went live on time.