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  • Our stack is Postgres, .NET, .NET MVC, and React 
  • Use automated tests to guide your development and ensure quality. 
  • Evolve our architecture to meet current and future needs for scaling, performance, security, and reliability. 
  • Tackle complex problems, resolve them and implement solutions that prevent future issues. 
  • Remain current on new technologies so you can contribute to evaluating and selecting new tech.
  • Share what you know across the engineering group. Help us learn and improve. 
  • Be reflective and contribute to improving the team’s processes in and out of scheduled retrospectives. 
  • Participate in the processes the team uses to organize around the work and get feedback such as planning, backlog refinement, and sprint reviews. 
  • Communicate across teams and roles to ensure your team is effective and achieves its goals. 
  • Work up and down the stack to implement new features and improve our systems.



  • Experience in automated testing. 
  • Substantial experience in a technology stack. You have opinions about its strengths and weaknesses. You can implement solutions in that stack with minimal guidance. 
  • Experience increasing the quality and reliability of systems through good technical practices. 
  • For senior engineers, experience improving the practices of your team and organization, in technical and process areas. 
  • Experience ensuring nonfunctional requirements are met and maintained. 
  • A track record of accepting feedback and working to improve. 
  • Experience giving feedback. 
  • A desire to learn and grow outside of work through books, podcasts, meetups, conferences, etc


* Please send your application via email: [email protected]


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